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2021 Your Bold Cruise Adventure Awaits

Start next year with a fantastic holiday. Be bold in 2021 and enjoy all the excitement of a cruise holliday to your favourite destinatation on board your favourite cruise line! Cruise Paradise is offering exclusive discounts and FREE upgrades across most major cruise line brands. Call now to take advantage of offers on upcoming Royal Carribean, MSC Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruises, and Cunard Cruises.

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Why Cruise To The Mediterranean From Ireland?

Want to go on a cruise but not want to fly to meet the ship? Then choose a cruise from Ireland, and begin your holiday the moment you set foot on the ship. Take the stress out of making connecting flights and begin your cruise from either Dublin, Cork or Belfast. Our exciting and varied offers on cruises from Ireland bring cruising closer to home.

No Fly Med Cruises From Ireland

The benefits of no fly cruises from Ireland are there are no limits on baggage allowances, no stress over connecting flights and smaller sized cruise ships with access to more ports of call. The downside is there is less choice, as you are limited by the number of ships calling at Irish ports. However, the variety and number of cruise lines calling at Irish ports is growing year by year leading to some fantastic holidays on offer.

Fly Cruises To The Mediterranean

As well as a wide range of cruise holidays departing from Irish ports, Cruise Paradise also offers a choice of fly cruises. Fly cruises allow you the opportunity to begin your cruise holiday from the first port of call. Conveniently, most cruise lines will allow you the choice of a fly and cruise package, or you can book your own flights.
Fly cruise packages work just like standard package holiday. You fly from your own regional airport and are transferred to your port of departure. After the cruise holiday you are transferred back to the airport for your return flight. Should you require an overnight stay as part of the package, the cruise lines will arrange this, though many flights arrive on the day of departure. The benefits of a fly cruise are that you can get to explore the globe without needing a World cruise. A fly cruise also gives you more time to explore as you are immdiately in the hear of the action. If a Caribbean cruise is to your liking then you can fly to Miami or jet to New York for a Tranatlantic cruise. Or you might prefer a Mediterranean cruise from Palma or Barcelona.

Fly Cruises To The Mediterranean Can Be Booked With:

Royal Caribbean Cruises Carnival Cruises P&O Cruises Azamara Cruises Celebrity Cruises Norwegian Cruise Lines Cruise Paradise has some of Ireland's best deals on Aer Lingus and Emirates flights. Our experience, industry contacts and expertise allows us to offer you discounted flights to and from your destination. Our industry knowledge and expertise makes last minute cruise bookings easy. Our cruise professionals are ready to book your flights and cruise deals to any where in the world. Call us on 01 652 3009 for more details.

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Western Mediterranean
Royal Caribbean International: Harmony of the Seas
4th May 2021, 5 nts, departing: Cruise Only
Visiting: Barcelona - Marseille - La Spezia - Rome (Civitavecchia) - Barcelona
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Western Mediterranean from Barcelona,Spain
Norwegian Cruise Line: Norwegian Epic
12th Sep 2021, 7 nts, departing: Cruise Only
Visiting: Barcelona - Naples - Rome (Civitavecchia) - Livorno - Cannes - Palma - Barcelona
call now 01 6523009
Western Mediterranean from Rome
Norwegian Cruise Line: Norwegian Epic
15th Sep 2021, 7 nts, departing: Cruise Only
Visiting: Rome (Civitavecchia) - Livorno - Cannes - Palma - Barcelona - Naples - Rome (Civitavecchia)
call now 01 6523009
Greek Isles
Royal Caribbean International: Rhapsody of the Seas
18th Sep 2021, 7 nts, departing: Cruise Only
Visiting: Ravenna - Kotor - Corfu - Athens (Piraeus) - Mykonos - Katakolon - Ravenna
call now 01 6523009
Canary Islands
Princess Cruises: Sky Princess
23rd Sep 2021, 12 nts, departing: Cruise Only
Visiting: Southampton - Lisbon - Canary Islands, Tenerife - Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Arrecife, Lanzarote, Canary Islands - Vigo - Dover, UK
call now 01 6523009
Greece & Croatia
Royal Caribbean International: Rhapsody of the Seas
25th Sep 2021, 7 nts, departing: Cruise Only
Visiting: Ravenna - Kotor - Mykonos - Santorini - Split - Ravenna
call now 01 6523009

Cruise Cabins - All You Need To Know

The room on a cruise ship is call a cabin, and is similar to a hotel room, but generally smaller. Choosing the right cabin can be a challenge. Some cruise lines offer dozens of cabin categories, and the choice can be overwhelming. As a rule, there are essentially only 4 types of cabin on any cruise ship.

The permutations in between are endless and range from size, location, amenities, view and of course, price. With so many to choose from the following guide should help you decide.


Do you get seasick or are you a light sleeper? If you answered yes, then you might want to read on. The choice of cabin location might make or break your holiday. It's a question of stability. The lower and closer you are to the centre of the ship, the less sway you will feel. The further out you are the more you will feel the ship. If you prefer a balcony then choose one lower down or midships to lessen the effects at sea. The higher decks and cabins at the front and back will tend to rock the most. Sunseekers may prefer a cabin higher up with easier access to the deck, while party animals may prefer to be closer to the action, and choose a cabin near the entertainment areas. Travelers with mobility issues may prefer closer proximity to elevators.


With cruise lines building bigger mega ships the choice of room shape and size can be daunting. You can choose anything from a boxy inside and outside cabin, through to roomier suites and expansive loft style cabins. Balconies also come in a variety of shapes and sizes with some barely accommodating a table and chairs right up to wraparound balconies. Basic inside and outside cabins are typically the same size, with the only difference being a window or porthole to allow in natural light. Balcony cabins can also be the same size as inside rooms, with the only difference being the additonal space offered by the veranda. Typically the decision comes down to price. You need to ask yourself if the upgrade is worth the cost.


Noise can be a factor on cruise ships. Most of the nicer cabins are assigned to the higher decks, typically just below the pool deck, allowing for sweeping views. But the pool deck tends also to be the noisiest. Sunbeds being re-arranged overhead at the crack of dawn, or late nigh party goers can be an issue the closer you are to the pool deck, so best bet is to choose a cabin a little further away from the pool deck. And if possible have a cabin above or below your cabin. Other problem areas are at the lower end of the back of the ship, with engine noise and vibrations being an issue.

Cabin Types

Solo Cabins

Solo cabins are designed for one person and can be quite small. Very few ships offer solo cabins, but the emergence of mega ships means they are more commonplace. In some instances, a standard cabin can work out cheaper than a solo cabin, when you work in the single supplement fee. Due to their limited availability, solo cabins tend to sell out quickly, so book early.

Family Cabins

With family cruises growing in popularity cruise ships are adding additional family cabins. The accommodation is typically a suite with a separate area for children. This can take the form of an adjoining cabin or a small area with bunk beds, pull out sofas or pullmans (pull down bunks). As space is still tight in these cabins, remember to factor in your belongings when choosing a family cabin.


Suites tend to sell out fast. Firstly because they are in limited supply. But moreso, because they offer relatively good value. Bigger in size than a standard cabin, suites come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can feature anything from private terraces, hot tubs, spacious living and dining areas as well as large verandas. There is no limit to the level of luxury, with the only constraint being what you can affort. So if you fancy a deluxe bathroom, walk-in-wardrobes and even a grand piano, then the sky is the limit. Mini suites are often just larger versions of a balcony cabin.

Promenade Cabins

Promenade cabins are typically a feature of older ships. The cabins face out on to the open air walking track and offer fresh air and a view, without the cost of a balcony cabin. The drawbacks are that they tend to let in less light due to the outside walkway overhead above the deck & there is also a lack of privacy.

Interior-Facing Cabins

Window and balcony cabins don't always face out to sea. For instance, Oasis class Royal Caribbean ships have interior facing cabins overlooking the entertainment deck and the boarkwalk. These class of cabins generally sell for somewhere in between the inside and outside cabins. If you still fancy a view but can't meet the price you might like a 'virtual view' as offered by Disney and Royal Caribbean. Virtual balconies and portholes display real time images of the vista by using ship mounted cameras that play back the view outside.


All cabins come with the services of a cabin steward who will carry out necessary services as well as additional extras on request. Soap, shampoo, regular cleaning and bed linen are all included, but expect extra perks based on your cabin choice. For instance, suites come with the luxury of in-cabin bars as well as early priority boarding. Concierge cabins come with their own concierge bringing afternoon snacks and drinks, while solo cabins sometimes offer the choice of an exclusive lounge.


Upgrades do happen from time to time, but typically not onboard the ship. Cruise lines typically offer an upgrade during the booking process, so for instance, you might get an upgrade from an inside cabin to an outside cabin, or a balcony cabin for the same price as an outside cabin. Upgrades tend to sell out fast so book early to avoid disappointment.

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