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Until November, Cruise Paradise have reduced 2nd fare offers on selected 2018 Royal Caribbean Cruises, and Celebrity X Cruises. Now is the perfect time to get your 2nd cruise holiday fare at half price on exceptional luxury cruise holidays. Call now to speak to our expert staff and to take advantage of these cruise holiday deals. Call: 01 6523009 to book.

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Cruise Paradise is Ireland’s leading luxury cruise holiday providers, Cruise Paradise offers a greater selection of fantastic cruise holiday deals than any other Irish provider. As part of the Marble City Travel Group, we offer top quality cruises at prices that simply won’t be beaten for value.

At Cruise Paradise we take great pride in providing the full package. Our happiest customers are those that take advantage of our cruise holliday experience and expertise, and let us include the extras that ensure a fantastic holiday. Our all-inclusive cruise packages can bring you to the world’s best cruise locations. Our inclusive-package cruises are available not just for the Mediterranean and the Caribbean but from the the Arctic to the Galapagos Islands!

As Ireland’s number 1 provider of discount cruises, Cruise Paradise is a fully licensed and bonded, Irish travel agent. We offer cruise holidays from the world’s best cruise companies including Royal Caribbean Cruises, Cunard Cruises and Princess Cruises.

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How to get the most out of your Cruise Holiday!


It is pretty hard to beat a good Caribbean or Mediterranean cruise. Few other places in the world have such richly exotic natural landscapes as well as unique multicultural and aesthetically pleasing historical architecture. If you have been dreaming of going on a cruise but don't know which cruise line you should choose or how to find the best cruises - then here are some to tips to help you make your decision:


1. Whether you have plenty of time to make up your mind or your decision was more of a last minute one, don't book the first discount cruise that you see in your price range.

Some online shoppers are easily taken in just by a few nice pictures and flashy price reduction slashes and end up neglecting to do something very important: research. Not all cruises are created equal, so you must find out more about the cruise that you are planning to take. Make sure that you know what is included in cost, where it goes, how much time you will have to see ports etc. Spending just a few more minutes conducting research online may save you lots of stress in the long run and keep you from experiencing a disappointing cruise holiday. Remember, many cruise only, and all-inclusive cruise deals are often discounted, and look similar. But the extras included in some offers more than double the value of the cruise holiday. Just because you are getting a discount cruise does not mean that you should have to settle for second rate standards of quality.


2. Don't choose your cruise based solely on price alone.

It could well be the case that you could get yourself a much better cruise deal at only a slightly higher price. When comparing the price of multiple cruise holidays you should take into account things like cabin size, on board activities, drink and meal packages, and the locations that you will get to visit while cruising. Once you have taken all of these things into account, you will be able to make a more informed decision and pick out the cruise holiday package which best suits you.


3. Decide exactly what kind of cruise you want and start looking for.

Many discount cruise holiday companies will offer great discounts on last minute cruise bookings in order to ensure that their cruise ships have a full capacity. As far as they are concerned, it is much better for them to sell a cabin for half of its original price rather than have it empty and make no money from it at all. So, if your holiday time is flexible and you would like to save a considerable amount of money you can look for offers relating to last minute cruises. At cruise paradise we offer both last minute bargain cruises, but for those planning more in advance - there are plenty of inclusive cruise specials to take advantage of.


4. Don’t be afraid / too proud to ask for help.

Conducting the required research to find the very best discount cruise holiday deals can be a time consuming and daunting task. If you do an online search for "discount cruises" you will probably get over a million pages that you can click on and get information from. It can be quite frustrating to search through even a tiny fraction of these discount cruise pages as each and every one of them will be claiming to offer the best value on cruise holidays. On top of that, it can be even harder to cover all the questions that you might have about cruise holidays. That's why we're always available at the other end of the phone if you need help to get the right cruise holiday for you. We have helpful cruise holiday consultants waiting to take your call and assist you on making this a holiday worth remembering. We can arrange everything you need for your custom cruise package including flights, transfers and accommodation. It is often the case where talking to a real person with the knowledge and expertise that you need for just a few minutes is more helpful than searching for several couple of hours online.


Call us now 0818 333901.


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